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Dubai, UAE: Now the only institute in Asia providing training in the da Vinci method to surgeons and gynecologists. The World Laparoscopy Hospital in Dubai is now offering a hands-on training course on the da Vinci robotic surgery process. The four-day program is offered on a monthly basis and awards a FICRS certificate to students upon completion. Surgeons and gynecologists learn the da Vinci surgical system using state-of-the-art robotic technology which includes advanced three-dimensional HD visualization and up to 25x magnification inside the patient’s body.

The new system also offers surgeons an ergonomically designed console, a patient-side cart, and wrist instruments which are able to bend and rotate at a greater capacity than the human hand. The course’s professor, Dr. R. K. Mishra, focuses on teaching students through applied education, leading them through hands-on activities. He hopes to prepare doctors to quickly incorporate new surgical techniques in their own practices once they finish the class. After completing the program, student Dr. Labubah of Ruwi commented, “I really enjoyed [the] hands on session and gained lots of practical insight…The tips of laparoscopic surgery that Prof. Mishra gave me is something I can start with immediately in my gynecological laparoscopic practices.” The WLH Training Institute is eager to attract students from the global community who want to learn new skills in the world’s largest integrated healthcare free zone.

World Laparoscopy Training Institute, Dubai

With nearly 160 clinical partners in Dubai Healthcare City alone, the region is becoming increasingly more alluring to medical professionals looking to expand their skill sets and even open new operations in the UAE. Foreign visitors enjoy the immersion in Dubai’s cultural traditions, unique architecture, and exotic city life. WLH is currently accepting surgeon and gynecologist students from the USA, Europe, Gulf countries, Africa, and Australia. To find more information on the courses offered at WLH and to enroll, visit or email