Laparoscopic CBD exploration and primary closure in CBD stone with chronic pancreatitis (
This video demonstrate part of laparoscopic CBD exploration in post-traumatic chronic pancreatitis with CBD stones. The video divided in 3 part: CBD dissection, CBD exploration a wide variety of techniques, closure choledochotomy.

Time stamp:
Part 1-CBD dissection:
dissection and mobilization 0:19
start dissection cystic duct and artery 1:35
cystic artery dissection and clipping 8:23
management of cystic duct stump 12:20

Part 2-CBD exploration:
choledochotomy 19:31
sweep up the CBD 24:10
biliary balloon extraction 27:20
direct choledochoscopy 32:19

Part 3-closure CBD:
internal biliary stent insertion 40:29
continuous suture for closure choledochotomy 43:21